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Busing Guidelines

  1. Bus riders for grade one through twelve should not ride longer than 60 minutes each way.

  2. Bus riders for Preschool and Kindergarten age should ride no longer than 45 minutes each way unless rural riders.

  3. Public preschool riders will be picked up and dropped off from the driveway. A parent/guardian must be present for dropoff. All preschool students receive transportation due to Hazardous area registered for Riverview School.

  4. 5. Any students living on a cul-de-sac are asked to walk to the through street corner.Kindergarten students may be asked to walk up to two blocks to a stop and corner pickups should be established.

  5. Any student living on a cul-de-sac are asked to walk to the through street corner.

  6. If buses are required to use private roads and driveways, residents must provide a reasonable turn-around and keep roads in good driving condition in all weather. If these requirements are not met, students will be required to walk to the main road for pick up..

  7. Children grade one through five may be expected to walk up to ¼ mile prior to or after deboarding

  8. Children grade six through twelve may be expected to walk up to ½ mile prior to or after deboarding. . 

  9. Students grade K-12, public and parochial school, must live in their attendance area and their permanent residence must be two or more road miles from the home school in order to receive bus transportation..

  10. Parochial school preschool and kindergarten students must live in their attendance area and live over two road miles from their school in order to receive transportation.

  11. All bus pass students must walk to a stop on an existing route. No additional time and mileage should be added to regular routes for bus pass students. A safe location will be determined by Brandt Buses, Inc. Bus pass students are defined as all students who are not required transportation as established by above listed transportation parameters.

  12. All Children With Disabilities (CWD) are provided special transportation as determined in the IEP Transportation Form.

  13. Only immediate family members (students) that reside at the same location as the CWD student are allowed to ride CWD buses as bus pass students. This is only if space is available.

  14. If a student does not ride the bus for 3 consecutive days without contacting Brandt Buses the bus will not stop until contact is made by the parent/guardian that the student is riding again.







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